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Salvation Made Simple™ is an interactive mixed-media installation which explores the commodification of spirituality through a fictional spiritual organization called The School.

They worship The Goddess, a fictional being pieced together from actual rituals and traditions from 13th-century Temasek, inspired by the erasure of native culture that occurs as a result of colonialism. Riffing off the appropriation and instant gratification that is commonplace in pop culture today, Salvation Made Simple™ appeals to millennials with #Blessed merchandise dispensed via vending machines.

Salvation Made Simple™ is a commissioned piece for OH! Open House 2018.

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Karaoke Party promotes homegrown musicians and fashion designers through the fun and interactive activity.

An ode to the 90s-style karaoke videos that serve as placeholders for original music videos, Karaoke Party incorporates the work of over 35 Singapore creatives from a variety of disciplines. By combining engaging elements of fashion, music and pop culture, the series provides a starting point for audiences interested in local music and fashion but are unsure of where to begin.

Karaoke Party was exhibited at KEEPERS Singapore from January 16 - 30, 2015.